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The Brabantia Topspinner rotary airer is an outdoor laundry drying solution with a generous 50m of drying space. It features smooth turning arms even when fully loaded. The turning arms also make it easier to attach and detach your laundry, eliminating the need to drag a heavy laundry basket around your garden. It also features extra strong, UV resistant, non-slip lines that can be tensioned in three positions. This airer also comes with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee. Adjustable to 3 positions Holes for clothes hangers on the arms Includes soil spear Dimensions: Height/Length: 1900mm Width: 110mm Depth: 110mm
The Unibond Aero 360° Pure Moisture Absorber System + 1 Refill is perfect for absorbing moisture and neutralising odours from the air. This device helps prevent condensation, damp, allergens, mould and mildew. It is noise free and works by a natural process which does not require any energy source. The moisture absorber system uses an Aero 360° Pure Tab which converts excess moisture into a liquid, which is then stored in the tank. The tab lasts up to three months and can be replaced. This device can be used in a room up to 20 metres squared in size. This pack includes one device and one 450g tab. Absorbs moisture & neutralises odours Anti-spill protection mechanism Ideal for rooms up to 20m2 Dimensions: Height/Length: 242mm Width: 189mm Depth: 119mm
The LaundrySure Premium Winged Airer is the perfect airer for drying your clothes indoors or outdoors. This winged airer has 16 metres of drying space enough to hold a full load of washing. It features a lower rack for additional drying of smaller items you may have and comes with anti-slip legs ensuring your airer will stay in place when being used. When not in use, this airer is fully collapsible allowing for easy storage. 16m drying space Strong heavy-duty construction Lower rack for extra drying Dimensions: Height/Length: 1000mm Width: 1560mm Depth: 600mm
The Minky Marine Ironing Board - 114cm x 38cm is a premium family ironing board which features a sturdy four leg design with a generous ironing surface. The steam safe angled rest allows the iron to be set down at a safe angle when not in use and can be comfortably operated by both left and right handed users. The Minky Steamflow Mesh is used in the construction of this ironing board to provide faster crease removal whilst remaining rust proof. The thick foam backed cover provides a smoother ironing surface for easier ironing Infinite height adjustment allows you to set the height to any size you require Steamflow technology maximises efficiency and reduces ironing time Signature iron rest allows the iron to be set down at a safe angle Dimensions: Height/Length: 940mm Width: 1140mm Depth: 380mm
4 Ltr - Lenor Professional Fabric Conditioner - Lavender Breeze - Non-Drip Spout - Measuring Cap - Super Concentrated Formula - Long-Lasting Freshness
The Ariel Original All-in-1 PODS - 50 Pack are super-concentrated washing capsules which come with a smart multi-compartment design that keeps ingredients separate until they reach the wash. Upon contact with water the film dissolves to release powerful stain-removing technologies, offering our deepest and strongest clean yet. Smart multi-compartment design For a deeper and stronger clean Outstanding performance in cold wash
Bold 2-in-1 Lavender & Camomile Washing Powder 100 Wash - 6.5Kg is a professional powder detergent specially formulated to deliver the perfect balance of cleaning and freshness outstanding cleaning results and long-lasting freshness at low temperature. Pallet Qty 93. For all textiles except wool & silk Detergent & fabric softener in one Long lasting freshness
The Bold 2-in-1 Lotus Flower & Water Lily Liquid Detergent - 4.75ltr is specially formulated to deliver the perfect balance of cleaning and freshness: professional cleaning results and long-lasting freshness. High performing ingredients designed to deliver outstanding results The perfume system delivers a non-overpowering fresh scent to your laundry Great cleaning results even without pre-washing or pre-soaking
Comfort Complete Fabric Conditioner 5ltr is formulated to help recondition and soften clothes, leaving them with a beautiful fresh and lasting fragrance. It cuts the effort and time required to iron your clothes as the iron glides over the conditioned fabric. This softener will also reduce static charge in clothes and is suitable for use on most types of fabric. Pallet Qty 100 Protects the colours in fabric keeping them newer for longer Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested 45 washes in every bottle
Comfort Professional Regular Blue fabric softener - 5ltr is a premium fabric conditioner designed for softening clothes in the wash and leaving them with a beautiful, long lasting, fragrance. This softener will also reduce static charge in clothes, making them more comfortable to wear. Protects the colours in fabric keeping them newer for longer Leaves your clothes feeling gentle and soft against your skin Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and 45 washes in every bottle