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The Westland Organic Chicken Manure Pellets - 10kg are an ideal way to enrich your soil for a healthier garden. Perfect for use all around the garden, Organic Chicken Manure Pellets are ideal for soil improvement and planting and feeding established plants. Composted chicken manure pellets Ideal for soil enrichment & improvement Use for feeding all around the garden Easy to use granules Height: 294mm Width: 344mm Depth: 313mm Weight: 10kg
Portable & lightweight Easy & safe operation with self igniting piezo system. Adjustable flame, economical to use. Tempertaure up to 1300 C, heat blast permanently detroys plant cell structure. Ergonomoic handle design
Round Up Ready to Use Weedkiller - 1 Litre is a multi-purpose weed killer for use on unwanted vegetation and covers up to 1,000m². Absorbed by the leaves, it moves throughout the entire plant, above and below ground, to destroy annual and deep rooted perennial weeds, including grasses, dandelions, docks, bindweed and thistles. It is inactivated immediately on contact with soil and is then broken down by soil micro-organisms, to allow replanting.
Roundup Pro Biactive Weedkiller 2 Litre Works on all types of weeds and grasses Rainproof in 2 hours (upon drying) Kills the roots so weeds don't come back Degraded in the soil by microorganisms 2 Litre
Roundup Natural No Glyphosate Ready to Use Weed Control - 3L gives visible results in just one hour and dead weeds within 24 hours so you are ready to replant or reseed the next day after use. The 100% natural active ingredient starts to work immediately and is rain fast in 3 hours.
Round Up Pro Biactive - 1 Litre can be used professionally as a herbicide. It is used to control annual and perennial grass and broad leaved weeds in non-crop areas. It offers superior long term control of difficult perennial weeds with the highest levels of performance and safety.
Round Up Biactive 500ml is a professional herbicide with a triple strength formulation, it is used to control annual and perennial grass and broad leaved weeds in non-crop areas.
Enrich compost is a natural product made by composting recycled green materials such as garden cuttings. Enrich compost is a great way of putting life back into poorly performing soil. Enrich compost is peat free and finely screened to create a finished product rich in essential nutrients, beneficial microbiology, and organic matter.
Garotta Compost Maker will help to speed up the natural composting process. It provides food to promote bacterial growth to encourage the temperature to rise, kill off weed seeds and hasten the production of rich, dark crumbly compost.
Miracle Gro All Purpose Growing Compost is a specially formulated blend of premium compost and Miracle-Gro Plant Food for better blooms and healthier plants. It contains 40% more nutrients than ordinary multi-purpose compost. Use when planting in tubs or containers or when planting those bright and colourful window boxes and hanging baskets that brighten up the outside of your home. With this promotional 50 litre pack, you can buy 3 for the price of 2!