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Parisian limestone paving, displaying a range of hand-hewn riven surface profiles and slightly irregular time-worn edges, all created using original natural stone masters to give you a completely authentic appearance. Parisian paving offers a cost-effective alternative to natural stone. It’s weathered shades will mellow with age and add warmth, charm and complete authenticity to any garden. The subtle colour and fine surface texture position this paving at the premium level of the market.
Stratford antique grey paving authentically captures the elegance of time-honoured paving, making it feel right at home from the moment it is laid. Beautifully reproduced in a subtle shade and available in a variety of sizes, Stratford is a cost-effective alternative to reclaimed materials.
Rectory Welsh slate paving is full of character, ideal for creating idyllic spaces with a rural impression. The traditional appearance of Rectory gives refinement to paved areas. Available in three sizes for both traditional and random paving patterns.
The Cathedral paving range has a distinct rough-hewn texture that has been blended into two natural tones - Weathered York and Weathered Moss. Also available in a larger 14.58m2 pack.
Our Chalice Paving recreates the look and feel of natural stone with a gentle, riven surface. All colours combine various hues to produce a stunning, warming blend that recreates the beautiful appearance of natural stone. Also available in Honey Brown
Chapter has a beautiful weathered appearance of vintage style paving. Recreated from ancient originals reminiscent of flagstones worn over time. Available in a patio pack comprising of five sizes and a blend of colours it is ideal for creating a modern garden with a flavour of the past.